Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you must have a verified account in order to participate in the contests. It'll take just about a couple of minutes :) Which will further allow you to make submission,Contest,Participate on live all things on the community and unlock a whole lot of other features.

All the upcoming contests and whenever new ones are added will get listed in the Contests section in contests page.Quiz or MCQ Contest and Programming Contest.

All the members of the community are sent a notification informing about new contests. We also us send the users, by default, invitation emails for upcoming contests. You can, of course, prompt-out of these emails in the settings page of your account, whenever you want.

  • Usage of calculators and books/online resources/google search ie. any type knowledge resource is totally allowed.
  • Please do not use any unfair means in the contest. For example, Do not ask others for answers/help to get to the solutions of the problems during an ongoing contest. But it's okay to ask for clarifications in the discussions page of the contest, if you don't understand any part of the problems. It's also okay to discuss/collaborate on the problems after the contest ends.
  • Using computer programs to solve the contest problems is not allowed. We try to reward users' math skills with high ratings as there are not many online services that do this yet. We also try our best to set up the problems in such a way that, any trivial brute force approach isn't supposed to work (for the intermediate/difficult problems).

Users are given specific titles as rewards after they reach certain milestones in ratings:

  • Rating [-50, 10]: Seekers
  • Rating [11, 20]: Newbie
  • Rating [31, 50]: Pupil
  • Rating [51, 100]: Student
  • Rating [101, 150]: Expert
  • Rating [151, 350]: Specialist
  • Rating [351, 500]: Master
  • Rating [501, 800]: Grandmaster
  • Rating [801, 1000]: Legend
  • Rating [1001, ∞]: Legendary Grandmaster